FIRMS delivers global MODIS hotspots / fire locations in easy to use formats

The near real-time (NRT) active fire locations are processed by LANCE using the standard MODIS MOD14/MYD14 and VIIRS 375m Fire and Thermal Anomalies algorithms. For more information and active fire data go to:


FIRMS was developed by the University of Maryland, with funds from NASA’s Applied Sciences Program and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, to provide near real-time active fire locations to natural resource managers that faced challenges obtaining timely satellite-derived fire information.

An operational version of FIRMS, known as the Global Fire Information Management System (GFIMS) was running at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) where it complemented the FAO’s existing suite of projects that deliver near-real time information to ongoing monitoring and emergency projects, to other UN organizations as well as providing information to the general public. This is no longer supported.

For more information on the MODIS fire products, visit the UMD MODIS Active Fire and Burned Area products website.

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Fire Radiative Power Products: GOES-R and Himawari Satellites - Provided by Martin Wooster Feb 2002 

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