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The ASDC is using the GDAL Enhancements for EOSDIS (GEE) project to document the LaRC software release process.  It will be updated as the project progresses.

New online process for software release:

Required Forms


Form to CompleteForm LinkSample Form(s)NotesSubmitted to POC:

New Technology Report (NTF 1679)

NF1679 Word docnf1679-GEE-v1.doc  
Define Software ClassificationNo form, just an email/document sentSACR GDAL Class E - 12-16-16.pdf
  • Submit overview of software and all related documents to get Software Assurance Classification Report (SACR)

 Leslie J. Johnson, NASA LaRC 

Software Assurance Engineer 

Mission Assurance Branch 

Develop Software Management Plan



Classification D: LMS-CP-7150-5_Class D.pdf

Classification E: 7150-6_A_Class E Software.pdf



  • If the Branch does not have a Software Management Plan for the SACR Classification, this needs to be created

Bonnie Lumanog

Information Management Branch

Develop Compliance Matrix (bottom of SMP)  


  • New software projects are added to the Compliance Matrix at the bottom of the SMP and the SMP version updated

Bonnie Lumanog

Information Management Branch

Langley Form 7 - Software Release Request Authorization (SRRA)Langley Form 7 
  • Review first and see what is missing
  • NPR 2210.1, Release of NASA Software

Bonnie Lumanog

Information Management Branch


Your LaRC Software Release Spirit Guide

Bonnie Lumanog

Information Management Branch (B702)


Other Resources








General Questions