Following a review of working group proposals presented at the ESDSWG annual meeting and review of the results of the proposal assessment survey, the ESDSWG Executive Council has identified an initial set of working group approvals for 2018-19 as follows…

The follow-on working groups for Data Quality, Dataset Interoperability, and Time Series are confirmed as approved to continue.

New working group proposals for Analysis Ready Data, Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture, Cloud UX for Science Users, Data Product Developers Guide, Implementations of Data Value Filtering, and Science Gateways have been approved. I will be getting in contact with the proposers/technical chairs regarding getting the working groups going (setting up wiki pages, setting up mailing lists, scheduling telecons etc.). The ESDIS POCs for these groups, once confirmed, will probably want to talk to the technical chairs to finalize details on the work plans.

The following proposal have not yet been approved: Data Management and Stewardship Maturity Matrix, JSON Encodings for EO Coverages, Levels of Service, and Text Data Transfer Encoding. Some questions were raised regarding these proposals during the review process. I will be working with ESDIS managers to contact the proposers of these working groups for clarification on any outstanding questions. It is possible that some of these proposals may be approved at a later date.

Additional information will be posted to the ESDSWG wiki as it becomes available.

The 2018 ESDSWG annual meeting is scheduled for April 18-20 at the Loews in Annapolis.

This meeting is classified as a conference for NASA administrative purposes. NASA-funded attendees will be required to obtain attendance approval from the NASA Conference Tracking System (or the JPL unified forecasting system for JPL folks). The NCTS Code for the meeting is 32586-18.

A separate meeting registration process will take place in early 2018.

The 2018 ESDSWG annual meeting is scheduled for April 18-20 at the Loews in Annapolis.

Loews Annapolis Hotel will be undergoing a beautification of the front entrance. Our Courtyard & Porte-Cochere will be unavailable to guests.

Valet: Valet stand will be the bus stop in front of BAROAK Cookhouse & Taproom on WEST STREET.

Self: Guests need to drive past BAROAK thru the 2nd light, taking the first right off the Roundabout onto Taylor Ave and down our Loews Access Road to our garage entrance.

See attached flyer.

New Working Group Proposals

ESDSWG is currently accepting proposals for new working groups. Proposals can be submitted by any member of the ESDSWG community and may be a follow-on activity to one of the current working groups, a response to one of the ESDIS Priorities listed on the proposal wiki page, or something entirely new.

A reminder that any NASA-funded attendees who are not on a grant must register in the NASA Conference Tracking System (NCTS) and receive NCTS approval before they can participate in the ESDSWG annual meeting. The JPL folks will need to register via the JPL unified forecasting system. It is important to get this done as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. The NCTS Code for the meeting is 27310-17.

The 2017 ESDSWG meeting will be held at the Loews Hotel, Annapolis, MD March 21-23.

As an off-site meeting, we are required to submit estimates for number of attendees and NASA-funded travel costs. A message has already been send to to current working group participants and attendees at the 2016 ESDSWG asking them to let us know if they plan to attend the 2017 meeting. This will also help us get the right number of rooms allocated for the hotel room block. If I somehow manged to miss you, you can still pre-register for the meeting at

Responses required by the end of this week (Sept 02)

2017 ESDSWG Annual Meeting

The 2017 ESDSWG meeting will be held in Annapolis, MD March 21-23.

2016 Meeting Attendees

Please check the wiki page to confirm that you are on the list of registered attendees. Visitor badges are required for anyone who does not already have a NASA-issued site access badge.

2016 ESDSWG Meeting Attendees

ESDSWG Meeting Registration

Regular meeting registration is now closed. Limited late registrations may be accepted, subject to approval by the ESDSWG manager and provided that we have time to process applications for site visitor passes.

On-site registration is not available for this meeting.


The 2016 ESDSWG Annual Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday April 6 to Friday April 8 at GSFC. More details to follow in the New Year.

We have tentatively penciled in some possible dates for the 2016 ESDSWG meeting. We don’t have a final decision yet but it’s looking increasingly likely that the meeting will be held on-site at GSFC in the late March  / early April time-frame. We have meeting rooms provisionally reserved for two options: Wed/Thu/Fri March 30 – April 1 and April 6 – April 8.

Sessions start at 9:00 AM on Tuesday March 24 in the Building 8 Auditorium on the second floor.

Meeting Agenda

If you already have access to the GSFC campus via a NASA PIV Badge then please go directly to Building 8 on Tuesday morning. Meeting attendee name badges will be available at the entrance to the auditorium.

Special event visitor badges have been reserved for US Citizens and Permanent Residents without a PIV badge (see list below). You will need to collect your visitor badge from the Visitor Center (Building 88) near the South Gate and then make your way to Building 8. Badges will be available from 8:15 AM. Please bring your government-issued ID and Permanent Resident Card, if applicable. Registrants are instructed to only park in the marked parking spaces and not to park in the loop.  Lucia & Vickie will stay until all badges have been given out or until 9:45 AM on Tuesday, whichever comes first.  At 9:45 any remaining badges will be taken back to Building 9 security office at the main gate for folks who arrive late.

  • 1    Dan    Ames
  • 2    Kevin    Beam
  • 3    Tammy    Beaty
  • 4    S Doman    Bennett
  • 5    Andrew    Bingham
  • 6    David    Blodgett
  • 7    Mary Jo    Brodzik
  • 8    Wayne    Burke
  • 9    Saurabh    Channan
  • 10    Meixia    Deng
  • 11    Robert    Downs
  • 12    Allan    Doyle
  • 13    Renea    Ericson
  • 14    Douglas    Ertz
  • 15    Giulietta    Fargion
  • 16    Douglas    Fowler
  • 17    Joe    Glassy
  • 18    Maria Helga    Gomes
  • 19    Ted    Habermann
  • 20    Molly    Hardman
  • 21    Kirk    Hogenson
  • 22    Aleksandar    Jelenak
  • 23    Brian    Johnson
  • 24    SiriJodha    Khalsa
  • 25    Oh-ig    Kwoun
  • 26    Amanda    Leon
  • 27    Chris    Lindsley
  • 28    Yi    Liu
  • 29    Michael    McEniry
  • 30    Dave    Meyer
  • 31    Jeremy    Nicoll
  • 32    George    Percivall
  • 33    Marlon    Pierce
  • 34    Peter    Plofchan
  • 35    Erin    Robinson
  • 36    Suresh Kumar    Santhana Vannan
  • 37    Donna    Scott
  • 38    Christopher    Torbert
  • 39    Chris    Webster
  • 40    Yaxing    Wei
  • 41    Jason    Werpy
  • 42    Anne    Wilson
  • 43    Vicky    Wolf
  • 44    Daine    Wright
  • 45    Charles    Zender


Fall AGU Meeting Sessions

We have created a list of ESDIS, DAAC, MEaSUREs, and SIPS presentations that will be held during next week's Fall AGU Meeting. This list is hosted on the Earthdata Wiki - AGU Fall Meeting Presentations.

Feel free to add sessions where you will be presenting and provide a link to your AGU abstract; also denote whether it is an oral or poster presentation. Include the date, time and location of your presentation. Please follow the format on the wiki page.

2015 ESDSWG Annual Meeting

The 2015 ESDSWG Meeting is confirmed for March 24 -26 at GSFC.