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Detailed Steps


Form LinkDescription

Electronic New Technology Report (e-NTR) (Electronic submission)  

This electronic form gives your project an NTR number, which allows you to submit all subsequent forms (i.e., the "Open Source Software Package"). The Open Source Software Package cannot be completed or submitted until your e-NTR has been numbered and approved. You must have a NASA Civil Servant Sponsor for the request.

The electronic submission site requires a login for all non-NASA email addresses (PIV Login for all NASA personnel). Once the form is submitted, an email is sent to all Innovators, who must approve it before it moves forward into NASA Review.

Additional Notes:

The Abstract and Description(s) can be pulled from a proposal. This form doesn't require a lot of details, just basic information on what the software is. In the Title section, add "FOR SOFTWARE RELEASE ONLY" and that will help expedite the NTR review.

MSFC POC: Carolyn McMillan / Barbara Fawcett


Software Release System (SRS)

(Electronic submission)

The Software Release System (SRS) will allow Agency software developers to generate and submit software release documents ("Software Release Package") such as the Software Release Request Authorization (SRRA) and the Compliance Matrix in an automated fashion.

The SRS will allow Agency SRAs to then easily route these software release documents for review with the added ability to perform parallel routing, use of time based reminders, tracking, and reporting to effectively manage the software release processes at their centers.

Additional Notes:

Any developer listed in the e-NTR can start the SRS forms for the software by selecting the NTR number associated with them.

Review takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to complete once submitted.

Export Control is included in the Software Release System process.

MSFC POC: jason duley / Barbara Fawcett


License AgreementApache 2.0

Complete necessary information for Apache 2.0 License and return via email to Barbara Fawcett.

MSFC POC: Barbara Fawcett


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