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This is something intended to walk you through the Software Release process at GSFC. It covers open sourcing and app store releases (iOS, Android). It will be updated as we learn more and get better at this ... watch this space for updates. 

Required Forms

Information to CollectSample Form(s)Notes

New Technology Report (NTF 1679) (now online)

This form gives your project an NTR number, which allows you to submit all other forms. You will need to gather a list of distributed dependencies for building the software. You must have a NASA Civil Servant Sponsor for the request.

There is an online version of this form available at But it requires that innovators electronically "sign". Also, if you were handed a filled out paper form, you'll have to transcribe all that info into the online form. The online form does allow you to save changes before submitting though.

508 Compliance Form

(now online)

GSFC POC: Betsy Sirk
Global Concerns Statement
GSFC Software Developer Form
Open Source Questionnaire

Your GSFC Software Release Spirit Guide

Dennis Small

Strategic Partnerships Office

Other Resources

How to get your code into the NASA github repository:

NASA Software Engineering Requirements (NPR 7150.2B) 

NASA-STD-8719.13 (Software Safety Standard)

NASA-STD-8739.8 Compliance Spreadsheet

NASA NTR Electronic Process:

iOS Public App Submission:

Process Overview from GSFC

Enidia's Slides from December 2015 Software Release Brown Bag