Back in July 2021, we released the capability for others to embed Worldview into their own sites in response to a desire by science and news organizations to provide a mechanism for their readers to interactively explore NASA data as part of their storytelling process.  This "embed mode" provided a streamlined interface to focus on specific interactions such as comparing how a forest looks before and after a wildfire.

We unfortunately needed to take this mode offline in December 2022, but we've been working hard with multiple teams to bring it back online since then.  The good news: it's back!  The caveat is that Worldview embedding on non-NASA sites is disabled by default; you'll need to contact us to enable embedding Worldview on your site by writing to us at or clicking on the "i" icon in Worldview's upper right corner and selecting "Send Feedback".

We're excited to have this capability again - please get in touch whenever you're ready to use it!

Background information on Embed mode:

Sample of an embedded Worldview instance from the Worldview Image of the Week: High Aerosol Index from Smoky Canadian Fires. Click the Play button in the lower left corner (or the bottom center of the page depending on the width of your browser window) to view an animation spanning August 1 to September 6, 2023, showing high Aerosol Index values due to continued wildfires in Canada.

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