We have made some changes to the Chlorophyll a layers in Worldview and GIBS.

We are no longer processing the "Chlorophyll a Terra/MODIS" (MODIS_Terra_Chlorophyll_A) and "Chlorophyll a Aqua/MODIS" (MODIS_Aqua_Chlorophyll_A). Comparable layers are available for Terra/MODIS, Aqua/MODIS and now, Suomi NPP/VIIRS. The table below outlines the changes in the Worldview Title and GIBS Identifiers. Please transition to the new layers as the old layers will not have any imagery past 2022 MAR 28. 

In addition to this, the new Terra/MODIS, Aqua/MODIS and Suomi NPP/VIIRS layers are all utilizing a new colormap. The colormap now includes an entry for "< 0.0100 mg/m3to better reflect the breadth of the Chlorophyll a presence in water (or lack of presence in this case!), and the imagery was reprocessed to match the new colormaps. 

New colormap legend now includes "< 0.0100 mg/m3". Previous colormap started at 0.01 mg/m3 and did not include values lower than that.

Old Worldview TitleAvailabilityNew Worldview TitleAvailabilityOld GIBS IdentifierNew GIBS Identifier

Chlorophyll a 


2013 JUL 02 to 2022 MAR 28

Chlorophyll a (L2) Terra/MODIS

2013 JUL 02 to PresentMODIS_Terra_Chlorophyll_AMODIS_Terra_L2_Chlorophyll_A

Chlorophyll a 


2013 JUL 02 to 2022 MAR 28

Chlorophyll a (L2) Aqua/MODIS

2013 JUL 02 to PresentMODIS_Aqua_Chlorophyll_AMODIS_Aqua_L2_Chlorophyll_A

Chlorophyll a (L2) VIIRS/Suomi NPP

2020 APR 01 to PresentN/AVIIRS_SNPP_L2_Chlorophyll_A
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