Forum Overview

At the moment, this forum is an open and general forum. It is anticipated that additional sub-forums will be added to cover specific issues.

The forum functions in the following way:

  1. To Create a New Topic: Click "Add Topic" to add a topic. This is the same as creating a child page to this page.
  2. To Join the Discussion on a Topic: click an existing topic and then, at the bottom of that page, click the Write a Comment link.
    1. It is encouraged to label all pages.
    2. If you feel a topic/comment warrants being made a sticky or needs to be removed, please notify the admin.
  3. Search for Information: The entire forum may be searched from the box at the bottom of the page.


Topic pages initially appear as normal, new Confluence pages and might not appear in the same fashion as posts do in traditional, commercial forums. We are, however, designing a template to address this issue.

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