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Forum Overview

At the moment, this forum is an open and general forum. It is anticipated that additional sub-forums will be added to cover specific issues.

The forum functions in the following way:

  1. To Create a New Topic: Click "Add Topic" to add a topic. This is the same as creating a child page to this page.
  2. To Join the Discussion on a Topic: click an existing topic and then, at the bottom of that page, click the Write a Comment link.
    1. It is encouraged to label all pages.
    2. If you feel a topic/comment warrants being made a sticky or needs to be removed, please notify the admin.
  3. Search for Information: The entire forum may be searched from the box at the bottom of the page.

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Topic pages initially appear as normal, new Confluence pages and might not appear in the same fashion as posts do in traditional, commercial forums. We are, however, designing a template to address this issue.

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