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The XPaths provided on the following pages were current as of 12/2012.  A more current mapping has been developed and is available hereDownloads and Documents: NASA Best Practices for ISO 19115. The XPaths on the following child pages will be updated ASAP.

The XPaths notwithstanding, information contained on the following child pages remains current and can be helpful in constructing schemas for new missions.

Mapping to ISO

The are multiple long-term efforts underway that pertain to the mapping or harmonization of metadata standards to the NASA Best Practices for ISO e.g. Unified and Expandable Metadata System. In addition, there are several short-term efforts that have proven extremely useful in mapping one specific metadata standard to the NASA Schema for ISO. These include:

  • Mapping from the EOSDIS Core System (ECS) metadata model to the NASA Schema of ISO.
  • Mapping from the EOS Clearing House (ECHO) metadata model to the NASA Schema of  ISO.

The following pages detail the specific nature of the ECHO and ECS standard attributes, their mapping to the NASA Schema of ISO. In many cases, helpful information on losslessly implementing the NASA Best Practices are also provided.


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