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NASA Schema for ISO 19115

The final NASA ISO extensions will be available in an XML schema that is linked to the standard ISO schemas. This schema will be available in a repository at Earth Data.

A draft version of this schema is available here: NASASchema.tar

EOS Schema Technical Notes

The following contains detailed documentation on the schema for the EOS extensions. Included are UML diagrams, technical notes, attribute descriptions and code examples.


File Size Alert

The linked filed is over 80MB. It is highly recommended that you download it for use as a desktop resource.

Click here to download eos_documentation.doc.


Crosswalk Between ECHO and the NASA Schema for ISO 19115

The following is a comprehensive crosswalk for the ECHO attributes, as translated to the NASA Schema for ISO.

Click ECHO Crosswalks.xlsx to download the entire Excel Workbook.

Valid XPaths Between ECHO and the NASA Schema of ISO 19115

Expand the following to view a list of all valid XPaths between ECHO and the NASA Schema of ISO.

Requires Update

This mapping is being replaced and should be available directly.

ECS to ISO 19115 Crosswalk

The following is a draft, working crosswalk for ECS. It does not include 19115-1 attributes and does not reflect the NASA Best Practices:  ECS_Wiki_July2012.xls


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