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ECS Attribute Field Definitions

Following are the field names and descriptions used in the generation of the ECS-ISO crosswalk and attribute documentation.

ECS Name

ECS Attribute Name

Metadata Level

"Collection" or "Granule" only. An attribute that occurs both at the granule and collection level should be denoted as such in the "Attribute Definition Comments"

Data Type

Native database data type e.g. "Text" or "* Bit String". Proprietary codes are not used.


"Mandatory" or "Optional" only. "Core" or "Recommended" should go under "Attribute Definition Comments"


Description of the attribute, building upon latest definitions document e.g. 420-EMD-001

Sample Value

Sample value that will be accepted for ingest or is representative of suitable use of the attribute

Dependent Attributes

Related attributes. Includes parent-child, child-child, etc. relationships.

Attribute Definition Comments

Comments concerning the attribute definition and best practices for its use.


The thematic area corresponding under which the attribute will be found on the Earthdata wiki. Could be more than one but usually only one thematic area. Examples include "Spatial Information".


The ECS XPath


The ISO XPath

Crosswalk Comments

Comments on implementation of the crosswalk, anticipated changes, acceptable or unacceptable values, alternative mappings, etc.

Downloadable Spreadsheet

Link to the comprehensive spreadsheet containing all attribute definitions.

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