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Table of formats

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NamePurposeCuratorDocument numberLinksNotes
TopoJSONVector dataMike Bostock on GeoJSON
JSON-LDLinked dataW3C data spec, not specifically for EO
hdf5-jsonCoverage dataHDF Group

A specification, library, and utilities for describing HDF5 content in JSON


Vector dataIETFRFC7946 data, WGS84 only, types mirror OGC Simple Features
CovJSONCoverage dataW3C/OGCOGC 16-145

Oregon State University Senior Capstone project which aims to provide a CoverageJSON Response Handler for OPeNDAP

Coverage data, any CRS, type mirrors OGC Coverage Implementation Specification

See Note 1 below.

CF-JSONCoverage dataDavid Johnson, Met Ocean, New Zealand

Can express data in any CF compliant NetCDF file

See Note 1 below  

NCO JSONCoverage dataCharlie Zender 

NCO spec section on JSON output via --jsn or --json flags

Sourceforge discussion

Github spec

See Note 1 below
OGC OWS Context GeoJSON Encoding StandardService contextOGC14-055r2 Context allows a set of configured information resources to be passed between applications, primarily as a collection of services.
OGC OpenSearch Extension for Earth ObservationSearch resultsOGC13-026r9

Can't find this document, earlier versions don't have GeoJSON. r8:

WGISS effort ( ? ) to have GeoJSON be a valid result format.
OGC EO Dataset Metadata GeoJSON(-LD) EncodingMetadataOGC17-003r0
(OGC Portal access required, but document may be freely copied)
Can be applied to encode metadata based on the Earth Observation Metadata Profile of Observations and Measurements (O&M) OGC 10-157r4, or as an encoding of the Unified Metadata Model for Granules (UMM-G) conceptual model 
STAR JSONCoverage dataPedro Vicente

STAR JSON is a JSON schema that is used to share commonly used scientific data formats, such as HDF5 and netCDF


  1. Discussion on CovJSON, CF-JSON and NCO-JSON:
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    1. I added them. JSON-LD may be a bit non-specific, but let's keep it here for now.