Meeting Registration

A reminder that registration is open for the 2013 ESDSWG meeting to be held Wednesday 2nd through Friday 4th October at Goddard Space Flight Center. In order to allow sufficient time to process security procedures for access to the GSFC campus, please ensure that your registration is complete by Friday, August 30th at the latest.

2014 Working Group Proposals

We would like to invite members of the ESDSWG community to start adding proposals for 2014 working groups to the ESDSWG wiki. Community proposals may for new topics not previously addressed by ESDSWG, follow-on activities for 2013 working groups, or responses to the 2014 ESDIS priorities. There is no expectation or obligation for any of the current working groups to continue beyond the annual meeting but they are welcome to propose follow on activities which will be considered alongside proposals for new working groups . The intention is that all ESDSWG working groups have specific objectives and deliverables and that, once their work is done, the working group will disband and its participants move on to other activities.

Prior to the meeting, each proposal just needs to identify some broad objectives, some candidate activities, and proposed deliverables. Members of ESDSWG are invited to review the proposals and use the wiki to provide feedback to the proposers using the page comments or by editing the wiki page. Prior to the meeting, the proposals are open to revision and clarification in response to comments and suggestions made by members of the ESDSWG community. We expect this to be an iterative process as we work towards a final list of proposed tasks for discussion at the ESDSWG meeting. Each of the proposals will be reviewed in detail and refined by the ESDSWG community at the meeting.

The list of ESDIS priorities will be added to the wiki by the end of next week.


We also invite members of the ESDSWG community to bring along posters to the 2013 ESDSWG Meeting and add them to the wiki. The main poster session will be on the afternoon of the first day of the meeting and posters will be on display until the end of the second day. Poster topics should be of relevance to the NASA Earth Science Data System community. We particularly encourage posters from the current working groups on their findings and recommendations, ACCESS and MEaSUREs projects with ESDS technology experiences to share, and other projects that illustrate experiences related to ESDSWG working group activities.

Please make sure that you have indicated that you will be bringing a poster on your meeting registration so that we can reserve enough space. You should be able to update your registration if you didn't originally say that you would be bringing a poster.

Earthdata Collaboration Environment

We will be making extensive use of the ESDSWG wiki space on the Earthdata Wiki both before and during the meeting. Let me know if anyone needs help getting an account set up.




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