Knowledge Base

For Users

We maintain a growing list of answers to common problems and issues for users trying to access data or data-related services in our Earthdata Login User Knowledge Base, including code examples. You only need a User-level account to download data from Earthdata-affiliated sites manually or with automated scripts. 

For Integrators

If you are integrating your EOSDIS application with Earthdata Login, we have answers to many of your questions in our Earthdata Login Integrators Knowledge Base. You must be an approved data partner to access this information. 

Contacting Us

Questions or feedback?

If you have questions about Earthdata Login, how to use it, how to integrate applications with it, or you just want to provide some feedback, send an email to

Welcome to Earthdata Login

This Wiki page is devoted to Earthdata Login, the EOSDIS user registration and profile management system.

Welcome New Users!

If you're new, see our Welcome to Earthdata Login page devoted to new Earthdata Login users.

Registering with Earthdata Login

If you don't have an Earthdata Login profile registered, go to to get one. Just click on the REGISTER FOR A PROFILE button at the bottom of the page.

An overview of Earthdata Login registration and other information is available on the What do I need to know about Earthdata Login? page.

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