Granules (the individual files that make up a collection or dataset) can be associated with preview images. They can be either PDFs of composite data or browse images associated with the actual data. To add thumbnails to your collection's granules, follow the steps below.

Step-by-step guide

Providers create and update granule metadata with a variety of different tools. As such, this article will not detail how to create and update metadata, but focus on what metadata should be provided.

  1. Add an OnlineResourceURL that follows the following format:
    1. ECHO10 Granule Metadata

    2. ISO19115 Granule Metadata
      			<gmx:FileName src=""/>
      		<gmd:fileDescription gco:nilReason="missing"/>
  2. Ingest granules.


Note, CMR indexes granules on ingest. When granules are ingested, CMR will look for the presence of a BROWSE OnlineResource. If one is found, the "browse_flag" will be toggled from false to true. Earthdata Search looks for "browse_flag: true" and will then pick up the image linked in the Online Resource URL.