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The following UI/UX improvements are being considered for work during the upcoming program increment for Earthdata Search. Please use the table below to vote upon your DAAC's preference for what gets worked first. Once all votes are in, we will use the information to help inform prioritization discussions. You may vote multiple times if you wish. Each item as an accompanying wiki page that provides some context for each effort.

UI/UX Work Description Result Voters
Vertical Panel Layout Design new vertical panel layout for collection search and granule search that matches the current project page. Read full description 5 Amy FitzGerrell, Alicia Scott, Amy Steiker, Danielle Golon, Mark Reese
Additive Granule Model Allow users to add individual granules to a project for download. Read full description 5 Amy FitzGerrell, Amy Steiker, Cole Krehbiel, Danielle Golon, Mark Reese
Timeline Redesign Improve timeline usability. Read full description 4 Amy FitzGerrell, Alicia Scott, Amy Steiker, Danielle Golon
Search Result Grouping Group collection search results by platform, instrument, or provider. Read full description 2 Alicia Scott, Tammy Walker
WCS Related URL Surface collection-level WCS link which would allow user to plug URL into desktop GIS app 1 Danielle Golon

Don't see something you were hoping for? Please add a comment to the page if there's a feature you were hoping for that is not on this list.


  1. Nesting/grouping search results by Platform (or Instrument, or Provider)

  2. Any leftover 2018 priorities we want to tack on here?

    1. The only one not accounted for here that is not currently in progress is "Surface collection-level WCS link which would allow user to plug URL into desktop GIS app". I can get that added. Bulk download was the highest ranked 2018 item, and that is being worked (bulk download tool). And the vertical panel layout is the other from 2018, which is on the list.

  3. NSIDC has the following EDSC UI/UX items prioritized. The first three we are considering high priority and the remaining are lower on our priority list:

    • 1-click bulk download (DURT-77)
    • Order duration estimation (DURT-194)
    • Order size estimation (DURT-193)
    • Ability for a user to cancel their request (EDSC-1598)
    • Add clarity to global granule filtering behavior (EDSC-2328)
    • Provider outage warning prior to order submission (EDSC-2061)
    • Improve bounding box behavior in polar projection  (EDSC-1203)
    • Improve multi-part shapefile upload behavior (EDSC-1600)
    • Make more apparent which granule card is highlighted (EDSC-2032)
    • Map should zoom to collection extent (EDSC-1647)
    1. Amy Steiker thanks for adding these. Those higher priority things are all DURT-level things, and this list is specifically focused on a team-level thing. EDSC can't move forward on any of those higher priority things without support from other teams.

      1. Mark Reese I understand. I was just pulling out prioritized issues that are specific to Earthdata Search UI/UX from a user perspective regardless of cross-team involvement. Sounds like there is interest in some of the other EDSC-specific issues from other DAACs as well. 

  4. My votes in the table don't seem to be 'sticking'. I clicked Vertical Panel Layout and Timeline Redesign. Please add me for those.

    From Amy Steiker 's list, I agree that bulk download would be a useful improvement and that improving bounding box behavior in polar projections is an issue that may confuse users (It confused us!) so should be corrected.

    1. Thanks Alicia. I see your votes in the table above.

  5. How does one sign up to be engaged in Earthdata Search Governance?

    1. Tammy Walker we have a distribution list that kickstarts various communications. You can sign up for that here:

  6. Adding a  note to consider a drag-and-snap into place or completely detachable panel so the user can modify their view as needed. This would be similar to how browsers allow web development debugging/monitoring tools in a panel that the user can move.

  7. LP Agrees with:

    • 1-click bulk download (DURT-77)
    • Order size estimation (DURT-193)
    • Provider outage warning prior to order submission (EDSC-2061)

    We have also had users comment that they would like to see the link to download the data at the top of the Order Complete email they received when using Earthdata Search instead of seeing it at the bottom.