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  • What schema documents are used to validate CMR content?
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I'm trying to understand the CMR metadata validation process. How is the content ingested into CMR validated? Is a document generated from the database content and then compared to the UMM JSON schema documents, such as those found at




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  1. @Julia Ingested content is validated first off by XML validation, i.e. validating that the file is a valid ISO file. Then it is converted to the current UMM-C version and validated against the schema that you linked above. If the file cannot be converted to valid UMM-C, you will get warnings, for example if a field is missing. Currently, this does not fail your ingest. The UMM-C is also validated against UMM-C business rules. Examples of business rule validations are: fields that have to be unique, dates are in the correct order, spatial geometry validation, generally things that cannot be validated by the schema.