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For example, how do we link a L1 dataset to it's raw L0 dataset?

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  1. No, not directly.  Quality is a string of characters where you could add text and state that this set is linked to the L0 dataset.  Another option if L0 is located at an endpoint (web site) you could create a RelatedUrl and stick it there.  At some point in the future, we would like to add fields for provenance, but it won't happen in the short term.

    This answer is assuming that the L0 dataset is not in the CMR as a collection.



  2. Thanks Erich. What if the dataset is in CMR as a collection?

  3. Then you could use Metadata Association to "tie" them together.  Use the EntryId sub-element as the short name for the L0 dataset and Version as the version of the L0 dataset.  Then you can put in what ever text you would like in the description element.  For the type the valid values are "SCIENCE ASSOCIATED", "DEPENDENT", "INPUT", "PARENT", "CHILD", "RELATED", "LARGER CITATION WORKS"

    for the L1 you could use INPUT as the value for type if you are tying it to the L0 dataset ( the L0 dataset is input to the L1 dataset).

    At some point this part of the model is going to change, but I have no idea when.  I won't be soon though.


  4. Got it. Thanks Erich.