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After placing an order for data using the ECHO REST API, we'd (IceBridge Portal) like to do two things:

  1. Be notified when the order is complete (the application, not the end-user).
  2. Get the link(s) to the user's data when using the "FtpPull" delivery option.

To get notified when the order is complete, is the only option to poll the order status via the API? Is there a webhook available so that we could register an endpoint that will get POSTed to when the order is complete?

Is there a way to get the link(s) to the user's data after the order has been fulfilled? Looking at the API docs, it wasn't clear to us if this came back in any of the GET responses for the order, order_items, or provider_orders resources.

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  1. user-7b92a

    There's no way to get notifications when orders are fulfilled currently. The only option is polling the order status. The ECHO order service also doesn't provide any way for the provider to tell ECHO where the links are for the fulfilled order. I think this might have been designed at a time when orders where delivered with physical media. It's possible that a provider could put the information in the order status which is just clear text. However for most of the orders I checked the provider's order fulfillment system didn't do that. It's possible depending on the provider that we may be able to get them to do that as sort of an ad hoc way to communicate the links to a programmatic client.

    These features make sense to add eventually in ECHO but I'm also wondering if the future isn't away from this ordering work flow. Could you get the data via OpenDAP or other programmatic endpoint?

  2. Thanks Jason!

    Yes, we're most likely going to pursue getting the data for the user programmatically, not via an ECHO order. Given those limitations (and the difficulty of using that API), it's simpler (and more feature-ful) for us to adapt our current order mechanisms to just go get the data at an OPeNDAP or other endpoint.

    Having said that, I'd love to see a simpler order API (one that doesn't require a physical delivery address, for example!) and a notification webhook, etc, mentioned above.