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  1. Is it possible to acess the complete json representation of a metadata record in the CMR Search API results? I know you can get the json (atom) and umm-json, but I am looking for the compete record. Is this the "fat" json I have been hearing about? Thank you

    1. user-7b92a

      Eventually you'll be able to do it through the request for UMM JSON like 

      curl "https://cmr.sit.earthdata.nasa.gov/search/collections.umm-json?page_size=1&pretty=true"

      Right now that returns a beta version of UMM JSON search results that we built for MMT before we had UMM JSON ready. We just need to incorporate the current UMM JSON implementation into that to make it work. That issue  CMR-1955 - Getting issue details... STATUS  which is currently not prioritized for work soon. If you would like us to prioritize it for work sometime soon let us know and we can pull it in.

      The workaround in the meantime is to pull data back in the XML reference response:

      curl "https://cmr.sit.earthdata.nasa.gov/search/collections.xml?page_size=1&pretty=true"
      <name>100m Digital Elevation Model Data V001</name>

      Then fetch the location as UMM JSON:

      curl -i https://cmr.sit.earthdata.nasa.gov:443/search/concepts/C1000000803-DEV08.umm-json

      Note that while testing this last one I found a bug in the CMR. CMR-2518 - Getting issue details... STATUS  I have pushed a fix which should be deployed to SIT tonight around 1 am Friday the 26th.

  2. There is one other workaround until CMR-2518 is fixed in all the environments.

    This is what MMT does to get back UMM JSON:

    1) Get the native metadata and native format back from the CMR search API.

    2) Submit the native metadata to the CMR ingest translate endpoint and request UMM-JSON as the response format.


    1) curl -i https://cmr.sit.earthdata.nasa.gov:443/search/concepts/C1000000803-DEV08/9


    You will get the full native metadata back and a Content-Type header. For this example the content-type header was application/echo10+xml


    2) curl -i -H "Accept: application/vnd.nasa.cmr.umm+json;version=1.1" -H "Content-type: application/echo10+xml" -XPOST https://cmr.sit.earthdata.nasa.gov/ingest/tranlate/collection?skip_umm_validation=true -d ‘<the metadata>’


    Notice I specified version=1.1 in the Accept header. You can choose a version of UMM JSON you want back, or you can leave the version off to always get the latest version. You can also add the “CMR-Pretty: true” header like with our other APIs to format the response.

  3. user-7b92a

    The deployment finished this morning. Either of these work to retrieving UMM JSON

    curl -i https://cmr.sit.earthdata.nasa.gov:443/search/concepts/C1000000803-DEV08.umm-json
    curl -i https://cmr.sit.earthdata.nasa.gov:443/search/concepts/C1000000803-DEV08/9.umm-json
  4. Thank you Jason and Chris.  We will give this a test.