For instance, how would I query for all of the datasets that originated from or are associated with the Cryosphere program?

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  1. user-7b92a

    Do you or does anyone know if Program information is in the metadata? I looked for cryosphere in metadata and I found that a lot of data had that as a science topic keyword. You can search by science keyword topic like this:

    curl --silent -g "[0][topic]=cryosphere"

    Or you can find data with "Cryosphere" keyword searching. That seems to produce better relevancy

    curl --silent -g ""

    I don't think either of these options was exactly what you wanted. We need some way to say program=cryosphere and that would require the metadata to have that information. Tagging could be a stop gap in the event that metadata doesn't have this information. It would require some external entity to identify the programs for collections and tag them with the appropriate value. 

    1. Yeah, the use case for this is for NASA Program scientists and the like, a small but influential group, so both precision and recall need to be 100%.

      I wonder if we should consider an enhancement to UMM-C to support this attribute...

      1. We've been asked for a program facet for EDSC a couple of times as well.

  2. Chris, you can search the CMR by Project and by Science Keyword.  See examples below:

    Return all Cryosphere collections from Project REASoN:[earth_science][topic]=cryosphere

    Return all Atmosphere collections from Project MEaSUREs:[earth_science][topic]=Atmosphere