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If I am only interested in the newest collections/granules that have been populated since the last time I checked, what's the easiest way to do that via the API?

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  1. Use `updated_since`. 
    curl ""
  2. user-7b92a

    The updated_since parameter can show you what data has been modified since you last checked. Here's an example showing which collections have been updated since the start of 2016:

    curl ""
  3. We use 

    "updated_since": {

    "description": "Revisions with revision date later than provided value",

    "format": "date-time",

    "type": "string"




  4. Is there a way to distinguish between brand-new collections and those whose metadata have been simply revised?

    1. user-7b92a

      With most of the response formats a revision id is returned. If the revision id is 1 then it's a brand new collection.