A retest of two variations from the Collection Search Results Layout. The first run of the test showed promise for the Thumbnail Only variant and warranted a retest vs. the Original variant.


By improving the display of the collection search results, users will more effectively find their desired collection and will access data more efficiently.


NameOriginalThumbnail Only
DescriptionIncludes both the thumbnail and the description.The description is removed and the thumbnail is visible.


Total Sessions


Start Date


End Date

Data Access
(Goal 4)

  • Both variants were pretty close, with the Original variant at a 52% probability to lead to data access completions

Thumb Only held up well against the Original variant, which displays both a thumbnail and description.

5 minute plus
(Goal 1)

  • Original showed a slightly higher probability of leading to a 5-minute plus session, with a 54% probability to be the best

The Original Variant appeared to consistently lead to longer sessions when compared to the other variants. 


  • The Thumbnail Only version here leads to a -5% to -1% decrease in pageviews

In the context of this test, we see an increase in page views as a negative. Our hope would be that a variant leads to the quicker discovery of the desired data product, and therefore a decreased page count.


This test appears to show that data access completions are more likely when a description is included in the search results. When a description is included, both pageviews and 5 minute sessions increase, which may simply mean that users are browsing a little more and are eventually to complete data access.