The stand-alone HDF-EOS to GeoTIFF Conversion Tool (HEG) version 2.15 is officially released. The release contains tar files for the supported platforms LINUX64, MAC OSX (intel) and WINDOWS (7, 8, and 10).

New Features

  1. Support for new products
    • AIRS2RET
    • MOPITT
    • VIIRS (VNP13A2, VNP13A3, VNP13C1,VNP14A1, VNP15A2H, VNP21A1D, VNP21A1N, VNP21A2, VNP29, VNP43I1, VNP43I2, VNP43I3, VNP43I4, VNP43IA1, VNP43IA2, VNP43IA3, VNP43IA4, VNP43M1, VNP43M2, VNP43M3, VNP43M4, VNP43MA1, VNP43MA2,VNP43MA3, VNP43MA4)
    • AST_L1T
  2. Batch processing added in HEG Stitch GUI process
  3. Stitching support for SRTM and VIIRS
  4. Support for CF Conventions for SMAP L4 products
  5. Field Image for Spatial subset support was only provided for GRID products. Now SWATH products are also supported.
  6. Geolocated image was provided only for Sinusoidal Tiles. This version displays the geolocated image of the input file for SWATH and other non-sinusoidal projections as well
  7. Other bug fixes including fixes to the conversion script in batch process on Windows


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