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Comment: Added upcoming PCS reviews

The ESDIS Standards Office (ESO) conducts reviews of proposed standards, practices, and technical information relevant to the ESDIS mission. Documents are reviewed as part of the ESDIS Project's standards process. Approved documents are published and listed on the Standards Requirements and References page.

Current information on reviews can be found on the ESO Reviews page on NASA's Earthdata site.

  • Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) Atmosphere Keywords
    Changes to the GCMD Atmosphere Keywords to more closely align with the NOAA Technology, Planning, and Integration for Observation (TPIO) keywords.
    Review Period: January 11 - February 5,

    Upcoming Reviews

    • NASA Earth Science Data Preservation Content Specification, 423-SPEC-001, Revision C
      Review Period: Spring 2021
    • Preservation Content Implementation Guidance
      Review Period: Spring 2021

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