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The OB DAAC User Working Group (UWG) is an external advisory group tasked to:

  • Assess the quality of services provided by the OB.DAAC and provide a determination of the extent to which the products reflect the needs of the science community;
  • Offer recommendations on the addition of new data sets
  • Suggest improvements to enhance overall user experience
  • Facilitate communications with the global ocean color user community and interested members of other communities
  • Recommend new capabilities and guidance on suggested priorities
  • Communicate with and document actions/input from the UWG to the NASA ESDIS Project and NASA ESD Data Systems Program
  • Review previous recommendations for continued relevance and possible priority changes

The UWG meets once per year to review the status of OB DAAC operations and to provide recommendations. Additional information about the UWG can be found on the Ocean Color UWG website.

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