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  • Determine MOP02J variable and period.

Discussion items

5minMOP02J has many variables. Which one to use?Hyokyung Lee
  • netCDF-4 mosaic testing was successful.
  • RetrievedSurfaceTemperature was used to match zoo example but there are other candidates:

    APrioriCOMixingRatioProfile Dataset {232944/Inf, 9, 2}
    APrioriCOSurfaceMixingRatio Dataset {232944/Inf, 2}
    APrioriCOTotalColumn Dataset {232944/Inf}
    APrioriSurfaceEmissivity Dataset {232944/Inf, 2}
    APrioriSurfaceTemperature Dataset {232944/Inf, 2}
    AveragingKernelRowSums Dataset {232944/Inf, 10}
    CloudDescription Dataset {232944/Inf}
    DEMAltitude Dataset {232944/Inf}
    DailyGainDev Dataset {4, 8, 2}
    DegreesofFreedomforSignal Dataset {232944/Inf}
    DryAirColumn Dataset {232944/Inf}
    L2RadianceCorrectionFactor Dataset {232944/Inf, 12}
    Level1RadiancesandErrors Dataset {232944/Inf, 12, 2}
    MODISCloudDiagnostics Dataset {232944/Inf, 10}
    MeasurementErrorCovarianceMatrix Dataset {232944/Inf, 10, 10}
    RetrievedCOMixingRatioProfile Dataset {232944/Inf, 9, 2}
    RetrievedCOSurfaceMixingRatio Dataset {232944/Inf, 2}
    RetrievedCOTotalColumn Dataset {232944/Inf, 2}
    RetrievedCOTotalColumnDiagnostics Dataset {232944/Inf, 2}
    RetrievedSurfaceEmissivity Dataset {232944/Inf, 2}
    RetrievedSurfaceTemperature Dataset {232944/Inf, 2}
    SatelliteZenithAngle Dataset {232944/Inf}
    SignalChi2 Dataset {232944/Inf}
    SmoothingErrorCovarianceMatrix Dataset {232944/Inf, 10, 10}
    SolarZenithAngle Dataset {232944/Inf}
    SurfaceIndex Dataset {232944/Inf}
    SurfacePressure Dataset {232944/Inf}
    SwathIndex Dataset {232944/Inf, 3}
    TotalColumnAveragingKernel Dataset {232944/Inf, 10}
    TotalColumnAveragingKernelDimless Dataset {232944/Inf, 10}
    WaterVaporColumn Dataset {232944/Inf}
    PressureGrid Dataset {9}
    RetrievalAnomalyDiagnostic Dataset {232944/Inf, 5}
    RetrievalAveragingKernelMatrix Dataset {232944/Inf, 10, 10}
    RetrievalErrorCovarianceMatrix Dataset {232944/Inf, 10, 10}
    RetrievalIterations Dataset {232944/Inf}
  • CO is a good candidate if we go for COVID-19 (see next discussion item).
2minWhich period do we want to cover for MOP02J?Hyokyung Lee
  • 1-Yearl? 2018 to match CERES?
  • Month? 2018 January to save space?
  • Latest? To examine COVID-19 effect?

Action items

  • Hyokyung Lee will use the period of 2019 ~ ongoing data for RetrievedCOTotalColumn unless Brian Tisdale has other suggestion. We hope that CVOID-19 can show some dramatic change in CO value for recent data compared to 2019.