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Discussion items

  • ESDSWG Recap

  • Esri Meeting Upcoming

  • Cumulus Installation Status
  • PDS
  • Collaborator Kick-Off (April Meeting?)
  • Ramon - AMI Answer

Past Action items

New Action Items

Meeting Notes


  • 5 Working Groups Up For Vote
    1. Big Data Access/Transfer (PB of data)
    2. Data Providers WG - continuing to work on document up to ESDIS
    3. Two merged: Cloud UI/UX and Cloud Analytics - Need to come up with dev/training environment to learn Cumulus 
    4. Data Interoperability - Lots of discussion on GeoTiff. Newer missions may be going with GeoTIFF as a major output format
      1. ESDIS Standard next to NetCDF/HDF
      2. How to get metadata info into a geoTIFF or alongside a GeoTIFF
      3. ESDIS Compliant GeoTIFF
    5. Integration Group (Chris Lyness) - ID as many integration points across EOSDIS
  • Major Touch points
    • Example GeoTiff Standards to use for data Interoperability
    • WPS: CL looking for a DAAC looking for a DAAC that is working with this.
  • A42 Poster:
    • Poster was well received at the working group
    • Chris is setting up a telecon in April 9-12ish dates to have a 1.5 hr to id any potential integrations
    • CMR may be an early one as an example.
    • We are able to get the Earthdata Page updated we can.
  • Any Provenance group interest?
    • Dataset Interoperability suggested it but it died off once GeoTIFF came on the scene for discussion
    • "If there is no end user tool looking at provenance then it may not be needed in the near term"

Esri Technical Meeting (Upcoming):

  • Agenda items include MDCS, 3 part Script, and MyNASAData

Cumulus Installation Update:

  • Still trying to make it work - Cumulus Internal Slack Channel is helpful.
  • How To Guide with Cumulus Guide on AWS - to contribute back to the Cumulus


  • Working to convert diagram to Lucid Chart and being connecting items

Collaborator's Kick-Off Meeting (April):

  • Look to push back to July when more architecture is set up to drive conversations

Ramon - AMI