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Discussion items

  • Technical Review - Recap

  • Esri Meeting - Recap

  • OPeNDAP Meeting Tomorrow
  • Demo

Past Action items


New Action Items

  • Audy Barnett To follow up with Esri group on actions and setting up recurring meeting.

Meeting Notes

Technical Review - Recap:

  • Good praise from PI.
  • Good work done and well presented.

Other Travel:

  • Outside of SETIM? - Not at this time.

Esri Meeting Recap:

  • Meeting went well, multidimensional MRF investigation
  • Esri to provide scripts and workflow.

OPeNDAP Meeting:

  • Joe Lee may be unavailable for the meeting due to travel.
  • Start with defining the requirement
  • Kent is interested how we maintain the OPeNDAP at ASDC