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Discussion items

  • Review Past meeting Action Items

  • Lucid Chart Pricing
  • AWS ArcGIS Testing
  • GEE/S3 Testing
  • Upcoming Dates
    • PROV Sync (2/21)
    • Monthly Report Out (3/5)

Past Action items

  • Audy Barnett to add ArcGIS  updates to the ticket board.
  • Hyokyung Lee Test ASDC OPeNDAP URL with Geelambda
  • Audy Barnett Create starter LUCID chart diagram for architecture and testing
  • Audy Barnett Find final report for Bucket Brigade and post to SDT Wiki

New Action Items

Meeting Notes

AWS ArcGIS Testing

AWS Cumulus

  • Do we need to install Cumulus now or later?
  • Use another DAAC's S3 Bucket in their version of Cumulus?
  • Can we see NISAR or SWOT bucket?
  • Their process of batch processing is essential when handling large data
  • Clear Action Item from 6 month to ask Katie B.

GEE/S3 Testing

  • Lambda Discoveries
    • If you creat a lambda function and download HDF4 file from OPeNDAP and store to S3 and process GDAL it will not work - the size and transfer.
    • Only way to transform OTF is subsetting
    • GDAL provides OD client library - Could write Py script to call OD Driver
  • All drivers added to Lambda Package it fills the 15mb limit
    • You have to divide the functions
  • GEE Lambda Docker Image and script
  • May want to create an EC2 image that has everything instead of a lot fo Lambda functions