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Discussion items

  • Review Past meeting Action Items

  • BAH AWS Account Status
  • LocalStack Updates
  • Monthly Report Out for Jeff

Past Action items

  • Hyokyung Lee to move code to SDT repo.
  • Matthew Tisdale Who is managing the NetCDf OPeNDAP Handler?
  • How best to advertise/inform users on challenges they will have when the download the datasets

New Action Items

  • Audy Barnett post Provenance links/information on wiki (posted under theĀ Resources page
  • Audy Barnett Does BAH AWS have any overhead and would it be a viable option instead of NCCS
  • Audy Barnett Send Joe Lee CERES SYN1DEG Hourly Files with Variables for testing and transformation

Meeting Notes

LocalStack Updates:

  • Tried to read the data from LS S3 using GDAl and found that HTTPS does not work well with LS.
  • GDAL library when pull data from S3 use SSL layer (HTTPS) - another reason we need an AWS account.
  • Modified the GDAL 2.4
    • Was able to create a Lambda Function with the GEE
  • Tried run LS with Cumulus but did not work well

Data Provenance:

  • NetCDf with the "history" attribute
  • Jason to post Provenance items

Monthly Report Out with Jeff:

  • Advocacy, Decision made, or stress?
  • Collaborator Kick-Off Meeting - When

Data Product Review

  • We have some in older tasks for GEE
  • List keeps extending
  • CERES SYN1DEG Hourly


  • Get some synergy and get some transformation