Discussion items

Action items

Audy Barnett Can Joe Lee get account on BAH AWS?

Audy Barnett Set up screen share for Joe Lee to to demonstrate GDAL technical pieces prior to transformation exercises.

  • Hyokyung Lee Reach out to the 2 colleagues that were at the workshop to find out what they know about Edition 5 - e.g., HDFESO5, NetCDf4, what types of changes, etc.
  • Elena said there was no HDF5 samples available and what products will be migrated to HDF5. She will contact the CERES team again to obtain if they are available.

Matthew Tisdale Provide latest on the DPG Google Doc to Joe Lee.

Meeting Notes

Transformation Team Exercises (Jason)

  • Spectrum Mapping
    • Designed to reveal the diversity of perspectives and options around any given topic and to organize them into a meaningful spectrum.
  • The 4Cs
    • Components, Characteristics, Challenges, Characters
  • The 5 Why's
    • Mirrors the motive to move beyond the surface of a problem and discover the root cause
  • Atomize
    • Breaking up large structures into their base components

Elevator speech/Deck Presentation Creation

  • Business Model Canvas
    • Examines and rethinks a business model
  • Elevator Pitch
    • Exercise to develop elevator pitch


  • Other potential options - through Booz Allen?
  • Threshold?
  • Joe - Doing some testing on local stack and it is pretty close


  • Hackfest Code - Pure binary with GDAL template
  • Geolambda looks like a a pure python.

Cumulus local testing - this week (Joe)

See local testing environment

  • Straight python format and binary, etc.
    • Possibly before the brainstorming session - ACTION

ESDSWG Working Group Participation

  • Not at this time (Joe)

Data Product Review

Katie (CERES Ed. 5) near term

  • Get Joe Lee 3-5 products to examine

  • Will it be HDF5, but not specifically what that means.
    • Started creating some example file and interested in any recommendations we would make.
  • What is a good way to do this?
    • Part of the recurring message - follow "these" standards so correction is not needed on the fly.
  • How to improve CERES product?
    • In January focus on CERES 4 as a test product to give some feedback to the CERES team.
    • Set up a variable level matrix
    • See if Matt can identify some of the CERES 5 products
      • If CERES can provide CERES version 4 products that will be converted to Edition 5 - ACTION
      • Some will be upgraded to Edition 5
        • probably all of the major products - maybe 6 of them
      • Joe Lee reach out to the 2 colleagues that were at the workshop - ACTION and ask.
        • To find out what they know - HDFESO5, NetCDf4, what types of changes, etc.
      • How many are doing EOS5 or just netCDF4 with HDF5 libraries?
    • What are the major factors we can expect for geospatial?
      • Are they going to carry over or not?


  • Pretty good stuff when they upgraded

Data Providers Working Group

  • Going to write in things that commonly cause these issues
  • Seen anywhere in writing for "geospatial" these are the most common things someone should be following for it work
    • Chris Lyness initiated the DPG because there is not some good guidelines out there.
  • Matt is participating
  • ACTION: Matt/Juan to provide lates on the Google Doc

Unclear on what is working at ASDC

  • If Joe Lees tries to download some CERES data products just let us know.
    • Probably best to go through the OPeNDAP Server

Joe Lee Black Out - Thursday afternoon for meeting on local stack