It is possible to migrate existing services from one server (10.7.1) to another (10.8).

Step-by-step guide

This assumes that Portal items are already migrated.

  1. Copy a service directory (e.g., cog_raster_proxy) via scp.

    $cd /arcgis/server/usr/config-store/services/
    $scp -r arcgis@ .
  2. Restart the server to make the new service appear in admin page.
  3. Adjust portal URL and other service URL. Adjust data storage setting (DSID) if the service uses AWS RDS in 10.8 server by editing JSON properties.
    1. esriiinfo/mainfest/manifest.xml
      1. xmlns:typens=''
      2. AdminVersion 10.80
      3. PortalVersion 7.3
      4. PortalURL
    2. esriinfo/iteminfo.json
      1. url
    3. ServiceNameImageSever.json
      1. portalURL
      2. onlineResource
      3. DSIDĀ 25824e37-ffab-405f-9cf0-42a34b6244a8 (if RDS is used for service)
  4. Update service URL in Portal.
  5. Login to ArcGIS Server admin page. Select the service that was migrated and press "Edit" button. Update "portalProperties":"portalItems":"itemID" for "type":"ImageService"

You don't have to modify Portal iteimids in step 3.