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Publishing using MDCS or arcpy doesn't work for CRF.

Step-by-step guide for ArcGIS Pro

  1. Have a CRF on ArcGIS Pro directory.
  2. Copy and save the same CRF on the same location in ArdGIS Server.
  3. Publish as Web Layer and use reference. Use "Analyze" button before publishing. It should not give any warning or error.

Step-by-step guide for Server API

  1. Go to server admin page (e.g.,
  2. Click Services.
  3. Select an existing published ImageServer service for the CRF.
  4. Select Edit.
  5. Copy and paste JSON file. Save it as a JSON file.
  6. Edit the path in JSON file with your text editor.

      "path": "C:\\tmp\\sdt_crf.acs\\cer_syn1deg_1hour_terra_aqua_modis.crf",

    to local CRF folder.

      "path": "C:\\tmp\\cer_syn1deg_1hour_terra_aqua_modis.crf",
  7. Create a new service using the new JSON file.
Portal may not show the new service with JSON method but it's good enough for quick performance testing.

Step-by-step guide for MDCS

  Abhijit said,

You should be able to define the acs file paths pointing to CRF in the json and publish it


Make sure the acs folder path is registered on the server

Other way to do it also to define the path as  /vsis3/<bucketname>/gttd/vvv.crf

Cloud store should be registered