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  • Resolve ArcGIS Server issues

Discussion items

5minPortal federationHyokyung Lee
  • Abhijit is not familiar with system setting. He will email someone else to figure it out.
  • Separate installer might be necessary to register DB to become a hosting server for Portal.
5minRaster Proxy HotfixAudy Barnett
  • Abhijit said Raster Proxy is faster because it can cache locally. VRT requires scan all the time and makes too many calls. Performance will be bad with VRT.
  • Hot fix takes 6-8 weeks due to extensive testing. Patch will go to ArcGIS Pro first and then server.
  • Use ArcGIS Pro or MD tools to modify mosaic dataset directly if Raster Proxy is necessary.
5minLarge input table in RDS and MDCSHyokyung Lee
  • 1 year of mosaic dataset should be no problem. It could be Linux only issue.
  • Try with ArcGIS Pro instead of MDCS script.
  • Abhijit will also test to check if there's a bug in Linux.

Action items