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The following page provides a means to easily locate reference metadata examples for the NASA implementation of ISO 19115. All examples utilize the NASA implementation of ISO 19115 and demonstrate how commonly used concepts and attributes may be properly documented. You may also browse the 2560 examples here (be warned long load time!): Aggregate Metadata Example

Tip: Search Query Syntax

By default the search function below uses the "AND" operator for multiple values e.g. ASTER MODIS is the same as ASTER AND MODIS. In order to conduct a search returning values for ASTER "OR" MODIS, it is necessary to enter a capital OR in-between search values. It is a limitation of the application that multiple checkboxes will utilize only the "AND" operator. More information on Confluence search syntax is available at: Confluence Search Syntax.

Metadata Search

1) Type the dataset name, or a portion of the name, in the search box. 2) Alternatively, check off a mission in the abbreviated list. 3) Click "Search" then click the hyperlink of the relevant dataset. 4) On the download page, right clik and select "save as" for the dataset of interest.

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