Q:  re there any Open Souce tools that can help me view and work with GeoTIFF?
A: You can try FWTools (openEV is the viewer inside this package), or GRASS. These can work with the Geolocation information inside the GeoTIFFs. Other viewers that can view TIFFs and JPGs can generally view GeoTIFFs, but they can't communicate the latitude and longitude (geolocation) type of information inside the GeoTIFF.

Q:  What types of proprietary GIS tools can read HEG produce GeoTIFFs?
A: The ones we've tried are: ENVI, ERDAS, ArcInfo, and PCI. (URLs are on the Links Page).

Q:  What types of tools do you recommend to work with HDF and HDF-EOS data sets?
A: HDFView with HDF-EOS Plugins is extremely useful. Development of HEG would seem almost impossible without these. Also, "ncdump" which produces terminal text output is helpful.

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