What should I download?

For the latest and previous releases please refer to the corresponding release notes to see what is needed to be downloaded. For TOOLKIT and HDF-EOS follow the directions in the Toolkit Users Guide (chapter 5) to install Toolkit and related software. For other tools the installation instructions can be found in their Users Guides, or README files provided with the tools.

NOTE: For any questions regarding toolkit and related products, please email sdps-support@earthdata.nasa.gov

SDP Toolkit

Latest Release

Previous Releases

  • 5.2.19 (March 2014)
  • 5.2.18 (February 2012)


Latest Release

  • Release v3.0

Release 3.0 contents

HDF-EOS2 release 3.0 contains fixes for the following issues:

DAS-710: GDdetach does not seem to clear all grid external table entries

DAS-1129: Provide support for HDF-EOS to Co. State Univ.
DAS-1157: Fortran macros for hdf-eos/toolkit/heg/repos fail on Windows/Visual Studio build

Previous Release


Latest Release

Previous Release

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