Q:  I'm still having problems that aren't answered in this FAQ. How can I get help?
A: We'll be happy to help you out. Here are email addresses of developers who can help:


Q:  What kind of info would be useful to help answer my questions?
A: The following are useful for us to get started:

- Type of Platform you are on (i.e. Windows, Linux, etc.)
- Data Product that is being imported (i.e MOD021KM* )
Data product information is usually in the data set name itself.
- Operation you are trying to perform with HEG (output format type - GeoTIFF/HDF-EOS/Binary, projection output, stitching, etc)
- HEG version number (should be on the downloaded tar file)

Q:  What happened to the HDF-EOS Forum site?


A: Unfortunatley, NASA has stopped support of the hdfeos site for a while. Fortunately the new site (http://hdfeos.net) was set up and recently resurected the Forum http://hdfeos.org/forums/index.php in its new format. You may look into the old HEG question that can still be found there, or submit a new one to HEG user community.

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