Q:  Does HEG output any other formats besides GeoTIFF?
A: Yes, HEG can output to HDF-EOS and to Binary formats. One may wish to output to HDF-EOS in order to reduce the size of the original input HDF-EOS data set. They can be quite large containing many parameters and possibly only a few parameters are needed.

Q:  Can HEG place multiple images into one GeoTIFF?
A: Yes it can. It can create Multi-Band GeoTIFFs. Up to 20 bands can be stacked in one GeoTIFF.

Q:  Can HEG place multiple fields in one HDF-EOS data set?
A: Yes, it can stack as many fields in one HDF-EOS Object as you'd like.

Q:  Can HEG be used as a "Subsetter"?
A: Yes. It can take a subset of SDSs (Fields in the Objects) from the input Object and place them in an output HDF-EOS Object. It can also do the same for Bands in 3 and 4 dimensional SDSs. This usually makes the data more user friendly, by selecting only what is needed from a large number of parameters in the input HDF-EOS dataset. Input data sets can be quite large making them cumbersome to work with and transfer over the internet.

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