Posting an email from Rahul Ramachandran that may be of interest to the CMR developer community...  thanks to Rahul Ramachandran for sharing!


Dear DAAC Managers:

Manil and a grad student have put together an initial version of Python client library (pyCMR). pyCMR abstracts CMR search API  calls to a simple set of python functions that can be incorporated in client applications. The search response are stored in python dictionary for easy manipulation on the client side. pyCMR source is available at ECC repository: 

We would like for the other DAACs to contribute specific functionalities and build on the current version of the library.  Let us know so that we can add contributors to the repository.

Currently, three main functions are provided:

Search Collection - ipython notebook demo is found here  and here .

Search Granule  - ipython notebook demo is found here  and here .

Download Granule  - ipython notebook demo is found here .

Command line usage can be found here .

 All CMR search parameters allowed in CMR search API  can be passed using the same parameter=value in pyCMR functions. Currently, specific function supported include extracting OPeNDAP urls. Note: We are using the umm-json response for collection for most complete UMM information.

Please share with your developers/engineers and direct library specific questions to Manil (cc’ed on the email).




Dr. Rahul Ramachandran
Deputy Editor, Earth Science Informatics Journal
Manager, Global Hydrology Resource Center 
NASA's Distributed Active Archive Center
Earth Science Office (ZP11)
NASA / Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, Alabama  35812, USA

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