I'm asking this question on behalf of Bryan Kinney (joel.b.kinney@nasa.gov)

Is it possible, or in the plans to support partial updates to metadata? For example, if I just want to update spatial information, or temporal information.

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  1. user-7b92a

    Do you want a bulk update capability? For example would you want to update the spatial values on multiple collections or granules at the same time? There's been some talk about adding a bulk update capability but I don't think we have an issue filed for this yet. Dana Shum, do you know if this is something other DAACs have asked for?

    If you want partial update on a single item we don't support that. You would need to retrieve the metadata, make your change, and send it back. Though, if we added a bulk update capability it would support specifying a single item.

  2. For curation, GCMD also wants a bulk update capability.