Element Description

The Metadata Specification element requires the user to add in schema information into every collection record. It includes the schema's name, version, and URL location. 

Best Practices

The information provided in this element is controlled through enumerations.

There are three sub-elements that comprise the Metadata Specification element:

  • URL: This element provides the URL where the schema lives or where the schema can be downloaded.
  • Name: This element provides the name of the schema.
  • Version: This element provides the version of the schema.


   "MetadataSpecification": [
               "URL": "https://cdn.earthdata.nasa.gov/umm/collection/v1.17.3",
"Name": "UMM-C",
"Version": "1.17.3"

Element Specification

Metadata Specification is required in the UMM-C (Cardinality: 1). 





Metadata Validation and QA/QC

All metadata entering the CMR goes through the below process to ensure metadata quality requirements are met. All records undergo CMR validation before entering the system. The process of QA/QC is slightly different for NASA and non-NASA data providers. Non-NASA providers include interagency and international data providers and are referred to as the International Directory Network (IDN).

Please see the expandable sections below for flowchart details. 

ARC Priority Matrix

Priority CategorizationJustification

Red = High Priority Finding

This element is categorized as highest priority when:

  • No Metadata Specification is provided 
  • The provided values for Metadata Specification do not match the enumeration values 

Yellow = Medium Priority Finding

Not Applicable

Blue = Low Priority Finding

Not Applicable

Green = No Findings/Issues

The element is provided and follows all applicable criteria specified in the best practices section above.

ARC Automated Checks

ARC uses the pyQuARC library for automated metadata checks. Please see the pyQuARC GitHub for more information. 

Dialect Mappings

This element does not map to any other dialects.


UMM Versioning

VersionDateWhat Changed
1.17.05/11/2022The Metadata Specification element was added to the UMM-C schema during the transition from version 1.16.7 to 1.17.0

ARC Documentation

VersionDateWhat ChangedAuthor


Initial draft of ARC priority matrix for new Metadata Specification element added to the wiki space
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