I wanted to see all the current tags in CMR, so I tried:

curl -g -i 'https://cmr.earthdata.nasa.gov/search/tags?pretty=true&tag-key=*&options[tag-key][pattern]=true'

But I got only 14, and they didn't include any of the tags that I saw by wild-carding 'org.*'.  Why didn't it work as I expected?

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  1. user-7b92a

    There are 14 tags in ops right now. Add page_size=20 to your search and you'll see all of them. The last 4 tags, sorted by tag key, are the ones that start with "org". They weren't shown with the default page size of 10.

    1. Of course, that is a bit of a pitfall for a developer writing to the API.  The top of the results says you get 14 hits, but the results contain only 10. it might have taken me a while to suss that out. Maybe we should echo default values (like page_size) in the response?  Or at least put a big warning in the API documentation about the default page size.

      1. ...because I think I just saw this bite another developer on a granule query...

        1. user-7b92a

          Those are good points. I filed two new issues for documentation and adding it to the search response.  CMR-2749 - Getting issue details... STATUS   CMR-2750 - Getting issue details... STATUS