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With location(Lat,Lng) and time provided, how can I get the weather data. In fact, I wanted to get the tile of the given location of given time.

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  1. user-7b92a

    Sorry we haven't responded until now. We have been spending some time looking for more information. Could you provide more information on what kind of weather data you're looking for? Is there a specific type of weather phenomenon that you're researching?

    The CMR supports searching by location in a variety of ways like point, bounding boxes, and polygons and also temporally. You can find our search documentation here. The general process is that you would search for a collection using keywords, spatial, and temporal to determine the dataset that contains the data you want. Then you would search for granules within that collection. Each granule usually represents a specific file you can download. Normally an end user wouldn't search the CMR directly but would likely go through a client like Earthdata Search. Putting keywords in the description related to the weather phenomenon you're interested in would find collections that might contain the relevant data. For example you can type "precipitation" or "rainfall" in to find data related to precipitation.