The NASA Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) staff is pleased to announce the release of the GCMD Keywords Version 10.8. Please find below a table of the keywords. All keywords are new. Please post any questions about this release to the GCMD Keyword Forum.

The keywords help facilitate the classification and discovery of Earth Science data by providing a rich vocabulary for characterizing the data. The GCMD keywords are used by hundreds of data providers worldwide for categorizing the ~33,000 records stored in the Common Metadata Repository

For more information about the keywords and how to access them, please visit the Keyword Landing Page. Questions about the keywords can be submitted to or directed to Valerie Dixon at

GCMD Keywords Version 10.8

Keyword TypeView Keyword details in the GCMD Keyword Viewer
InstrumentUC Davis RDI
InstrumentHMP45C Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe
InstrumentCS100 Barometric Pressure Sensor
InstrumentTSI DustTrak
Instrument2B Technologies NO Monitor
Instrument2B Technologies NO2 Converter
InstrumentTeledyne API Model T200 NO/NO2/NOx Analyzer
InstrumentNH3 QC Laser-Based Sensor
InstrumentN2O/CO QC Laser-Based Sensor
InstrumentCAPS PMex Monitor
InstrumentTeledyne API Model T200U NO/NO2/NOx Analyzer
InstrumentThermo Model 49C O3 Analyzer
InstrumentThermo Model 42C NO-NO2-NOx Analyzer
InstrumentRM Young 05103 Wind Monitor
InstrumentTE525 Rain Gauge
InstrumentCairPol CairClip
InstrumentTeledyne API Model T200UP NO-NO2 Analyzer
InstrumentTeledyne API Model T265 O3 Analyzer
InstrumentTSI EEPS
InstrumentThermal Radiation Experiment
PlatformWeatherStation 200WX
PlatformVaisala WXT520