Keyword CategoryKeyword ValueNew/Updated/DeletedRequested By
InstrumentSWESARR > Snow Water Equivalent Synthetic Aperture Radar and RadiometerNewLisa Kaser (NSIDC)
PlatformNSF/NCAR Gulfstream-V High-performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental ResearchNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
PlatformDLR-Falcon > DLR-Falcon 20 AircraftNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentPI-Neph > Polarized Imaging NephelometerNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentCLH2 > Total Water Instrument: Closed-path Laser Hygrometer 2NewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentVCSEL Hygrometer > Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser HygrometerNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentDASH-SP > Differential Aerosol Sizing and Hygroscopicity Spectrometer ProbeNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentTTS > Total Temperature SensorNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentCompact Infrared CameraNewMarc Gilles (ESA FedEO)
PlatformSA Mooney > Scientific Aviation MooneyNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
PlatformAlpha > H211 Alpha JetNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentCOFFEE > COmpact Formaldehyde FluorescencE ExperimentNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
PlatformPicarro G2301-m > Picarro G2301-m CH4, CO2, H2O InstrumentNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentMedium-Resolution Scanning RadiometerUpdateCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
InstrumentLow-Resolution Omnidirectional RadiometerNewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformTIROS-2NewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformTIROS-3NewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformTIROS-4NewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformTIROS-7UpdateCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
ProjectTIROSNewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
ProjectARCS II > The Arctic Challenge for Sustainability IINewHironori Yabukiv (NIPR)
Data CenterUCLA/CEE > Samueli Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Los AngelesNewLisa Kaser (NSIDC)
ProjectCAMP2Ex > Clouds, Aerosol and Monsoon Processes-Philippines ExperimentUpdateMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
Data CenterNASA/IMPACT > Interagency Implementation and Advanced Concepts Team, NASANewTreva Houska (LP DAAC)
PlatformNPN > NOAA Profiler NetworkNewPaul Lemieux (NOAA)

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