Systematic Data Transformation to Enable Web Coverage Services (WCS) and ArcGIS Image Services within ESDIS Cumulus Cloud



  1. Develop geospatial data transformation plugins using the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) Enhancements for ESDIS (GEE) software within the existing NASA ESDIS Cumulus cloud environment.

  2. Correct sample MOPITT and CERES data products in the ESDIS Cumulus cloud environment using the newly created plugins and serve them out as OGC Web Coverage Services (WCS) and Esri ArcGIS Image Services.

  3. Demonstrate the potential performance gains by leveraging a cloud optimized data format and the reproducible process of transforming data to be geospatially enabled and accessible in commercial off-the-shelf and open source GIS software and online data catalogs.

Geospatial Data Transformation and Services Stack (GDTSS)



Proposal Summary