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Chris Lindsley

CMR collection search has recently been changed to respect all temporal ranges in the collection. Previously, if you had two temporal ranges in your collection of 1/1/2017-2/1/207 and 5/1/2017-6/1/2017, the collection would show up in a temporal search for 4/1/2017-4/3/2017, despite the gap in temporal ranges. Now, the collection will no longer show up in that search. The collection will show up in a temporal search within either range. Granule search is unaffected by this change.

This change is currently in the UAT environment and will move to production on 7/26/17.


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  1. Excellent!  This will be great for our airborne campaigns.

  2. In UAT, I have a collection (ASO_50M_SD.001, C1216394131-NSIDC_TS1) that has the following temporal extents:

    2016-09-24 to 2016-10-19
    2012-08-02 to 2012-08-05
    2013-04-01 to 2013-06-08
    2014-03-20 to 2014-06-09
    2014-08-20 to 2014-09-11
    2015-02-17 to 2015-06-13
    2015-09-27 to 2015-10-21
    2016-02-08 to 2016-06-22

    If I type in a date range of 2016-10-01 - 2016-10-02, I would expect it to intersect with the granule containing the first range above.  But I get 0 granules returned.  If I use a range that is equivalent to the full range for the granule (9/24/16 - 10/19/16), I get 1 granule returned.  Is this the expected behavior? 

  3. Ignore previous comment - I just double-checked the date ranges in the database and the coverage for that granule does not match what is listed above.  I will need to investigate this but it's not a problem on CMR/EDSC's end.