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  • OMI/Aura NO2 column satellite data
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  1. I am trying to locate OMI/Aura NO2 column satellite data. I have located the
    following webpage:

    However, when I click on a year, there appears to be no indication of the
    geographic region of the various files. For instance, I am seeking NO2 data for
    a region of China (tile: h27v05) for two specific date ranges in 2016 and 2017.
    Can you please help me find this data?
    Thank you,
  2. From Mary Greene, NASA GES DISC:

    The OMI Level-2 data are provided in swaths and are time-ordered in coverage of the Earth.  
    The data are geo-referenced in latitude and longitude, but not archived explicitly by geo-reference.
    The dataset landing page for this product
    lists sub-setting service options for data access.
    You can use the Subset Wizard or EarthData search!4!!&q=omno2&ok=omno2.



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